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Ruth Ann Jamnick
Mother, Grandmother, Communtiy Leader and Advocate
Sister, Daughter, Friend, and Neighbor,

Ruth Ann is a life long resident with first hand knowledge and an appreciation of how Ypsilanti Township has grown and developed over time.  She understands our community's history because she has lived it and in many cases from a government standpoint she has helped shape it.  She grew up, raised her three children, and has served the residents of Ypsilanti Township for most of her life. 

Ruth Ann and her 3 sisters

Ruth Ann believes that it is important for the leaders in our community to plan for the future with an awareness and appreciation for our community's history. By understanding where we come from, challenges that we have faced in the past, our community can meet the needs of our current residents and strategically plan for the needs of the future residents of Ypsilanti Township.

Deep roots and historical understandings help a community reflect on where it has been and where it needs to go.  It is important for a community to develop and evolve over time in a planned and organized way. 

Decisions that leaders make shape the future of the communities they serve.  Ruth Ann believes that it is important for leaders to understand that serving as an elected official carries with it a huge responsibility.  Leadership requires the responsibility to lead with a sense of what is in the best interest of the community as a whole.  It is important for decisions to be clearly thought out and not based on emotions of the moment.

The most effective community leaders understand that their service to the community is a vehicle to move the community forward and they wisely avoid paths that are self serving or in their own best interest.

The election on August 5th is a critical moment for Ypsilanti Township. The voters will determine who will lead the Township for the next 4 years. In the Supervisor's race, they will chose from two dramatically different leadership styles.

Ruth Ann is the leader with the maturity, experience, patience, and integrity to continue to lead the Township.  She has demonstrated that she is capable of making responsible and well thought out decisions.  She has also demonstrated the ability and the courage to voice the minority opinion on a board where a minority opinion is not always valued.  Ruth Ann's ability to speak up and carefully examine issues has earned her the respect of many people in our community.

Ruth Ann mending her toys

Even during the primary campaign season, Ruth Ann Jamnick continues to be at the Ypsilanti Township Civic Center working on behalf of the residents of Ypsilanti Township during the work day rather than spending her work day out campaigning. She often arrives to work before the building is open and stays late after it has closed. The Ypsilanti Township community deserves public servants who earn salaries from public dollars to be at work.

Primary Election Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
Re-Elect Ruth Ann Jamnick
Ypsilanti Township Supervisor


"The Best Woman for the Job is THIS Woman"

12/2004 - 2008 Ruth Ann Jamnick is elected and currently serving her first term as Ypsilanti Township Supervisor
1999 - 2004 Ruth Ann served 6 Years as the State Representative for the 54th District.  She gained valuable knowledge and experience working in Lansing.  Ruth Ann created strong working relationships with both democrats and republicans.  Her knowledge of local issues made her a valuable legislator while serving in Lansing.
1976 - 1998 Ruth Ann Jamnick served 22 continuous years as Ypsilanti Township's first female Treasurer
Ruth Ann campaigns during the 1976 Democratic Primary to be elected to the office of Ypsilanti Township Treasurer.  She runs as an independent democratic candidate not affiliated with any slate of candidates.  She introduces the "blue & white " campaign colors that are still associated with her campaign today.  One of her campaign slogans was "Maybe the Best Man for the Job is THIS Woman".  The slogan  came from a yard sign that Ruth Ann saw on her way to Saginaw for a bowling tournament that read "Maybe the Best Man for the Job is a Woman".
Ruth Ann learned from her unsuccessful 1974 campaign that she needed to be more informed on Township issues and that she would have to work even harder during this election.  During this time period women were making progress in becoming elected in the traditionally male dominated world of politics but in most cases they were hard fought battles.  The campaign was worked by a small group of dedicated family members friends and supporters from her previous campaign.  The hard work paid off when Ruth Ann was elected has the first female Ypsilanti Township Treasurer in August of 1976.
In 1977, Ruth Ann remarried to William "Joe" Jamnick.  She became a step mother to his 2 daughters Tammy and Laura.  The blended family moved to Munger Rd in the more rural south west part of the Township.  Ruth Ann learned about blending a family that consisted of 5 teenagers.  She experienced first hand some of the issues residents face living in the more rural areas of the Township and she learned more about small business by helping Joe with the accounting books for his Plumbing & Heating business.  Ruth Ann and Joe divorced in the late 80s. In the early 90's Ruth Ann purchased a home in Ford lake Heights where she resides today. 
She was one of the founding members of the Washtenaw County Treasurers Association. She served on the Michigan Townships Association Board of Directors.  During her years serving as the Township Treasurer the office was computerized, summer tax collection was implemented according to state statutes, and fiscal stability was maintained in the Township. 
Ruth Ann was an active participant in many local community projects and organizations including The Festival of Lights, The Heritage Festival, and Ypsilanti Pride Community Clean Up Day.  She served in various positions on the Washtenaw County United Way Board and the Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce Board including the first Car Raffle Chair.  Ruth Ann was the chair of the Ypsilanti Vsitors and Convention Bureau for 8 years.
1974 Ruth Ann made her first run for an elected office.  She was a member of "The Friendly Four Democratic Team" one of 3 slates of candidates running together for township offices.  Ruth Ann was the Treasurer candidate on a team consisting of Bill Gagnon for Supervisor, Billy Turner and Richard Horn as  the trustee candidates. 
The "Friendly Four" fought a tough campaign that included long hours going door to door, disappearing yard signs, and many late night dinners from Bill's Hot Dog Stand on Michigan Avenue. The "Friendly Four" Campaign Headquarters was a couple of buildings west of the hot dog stand.   In the end it was not meant to be.  None of the candidates on the "Friendly Four Team" won in the 1976 Election. 
After the initial disappointment of losing her first election passed, Ruth Ann set her sights on the next election cycle in 1976.  She spent the next 2 years attending almost every  township board meeting and studying up on local issues that impacted Ypsilanti Township residents.
1972 Ruth Ann and Jerry divorce.  Ruth Ann continues to raise their three children in the home on Rosewood.  Ruth Ann gains first hand experience in the difficulties of being a single parent raising 3 young children.  She continues to work in the Ypsilanti Township Treasurer's Office.  She works briefly in the Supervisor's office under Supervisor Bill Gagnon before leaving to work as a receptionist for the Washtenaw County Road Commission on Zeeb Road in Scio Township.
Ruth Ann learns to juggle the responsibilities of being a single working mom and raising three growing children at a time when this was not the norm.  Ruth Ann and her children are blessed to have support from their church, relatives, friends, and neighbors.   Ruth Ann actively demonstrates and instills in her children the importance of having an acceptance of God's plan for our lives, a strong work ethic, honesty, community involvement, and an appreciation of diversity
The challenging times also help the family learn the importance of having a sense of humor and a sense of togetherness.  Ruth Ann made sure the kids learned one of her favorite past times by signing them up for Saturday Pop and Hot Dog Kids Bowling Leagues at the Thunderbird Lanes which were located on Michigan Ave.  One of the family's other favorite activities was to take a drive or go to the drive in to see a movie.  Ruth Ann's red Mustang was frequently seen pulling up the the "Cow" Carry Dairy on Ecorse Road with 3 kids taking turns ordering an ice cream snack.  On pay day Fridays, the family would look forward to being treated to a Million Dollar Pizza from Milanos.  It was a super size pizza that came with a Michigan Lottery Ticket.
1962 Ruth Ann Richards marries Jerry Tom Goodridge of Milan.  The wedding was held at St. John the Baptist Church on Cross Street.  The Wedding Reception was held at the old Armory building which has been demolished was located near the east entrance ramp to I94 off Huron Street and the current entrance to North Bay Park   The reception was catered by family and friends but the wedding cake came from Terry Bakery in downtown Ypsilanti. 
Jerry and Ruth Ann rented a house on Devonshire before purchasing their own home at 569 Rosewood Street in 1965 for $13,500.  Together they had 3 children: Debra (Debbie) Anne, Trisha Anne, and Jerry (JT) Thomas Goodridge.
1960 Ruth Ann earns a Secretarial B Diploma (the equivalent of what would be an administrative assistant degree today) from Cleary College.  She was a member of the last graduating class from the old Cleary College building that was located on Michigan Ave and Adams Street in downtown Ypsilanti which was located on the current site of the Eastern Michigan University Business School.  A new Cleary College building was built on Washtenaw Avenue near Hewitt on the property that is now a Walgreen's Drug Store.  Cleary University is currently  located on Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor with a Livingston County Branch just outside Brighton.
Immediately following her graduation from Cleary College, Ruth Ann began her career in Ypsilanti Township in a clerical position in the Treasurer's Office for Treasurer James E. Sanderson, Jr.  It was the first time the office added a second clerical position.  Ruth Ann worked in the Old  Township Hall building that was located on Ecorse Rd near Glenwood.  This building also housed a Township Fire Station.  The building has since been demolished. 
1959 Ruth Ann graduates from St. Thomas Catholic High School in Ann Arbor.  State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith was one of her classmates.  One of Ruth Ann's favorite subject was English.  Ruth Ann participated in the Junior Achievement Program.  As a teenager, Ruth Ann enjoyed reading, bowling, and cruising to the Chick Inn with her sisters and friends. 
Ruth Ann gained experience and a growing interest in accounting and finance by keeping track of the financial records for her father's business, Richards Construction. Her father George was a union mason contractor.  There are many reddish brown brick homes especially on the Northwest side of  Ypsilanti Township that were built by Ruth Ann's father.
Ruth Ann attended grade school at St. John's Catholic School in Ypsilanti.    
1946/1947- Ruth Ann Richards attends Kindergarten at Lincoln Consolidatd Training School.  Her teacher, Miss Ida K. Brink, writes "ability to organize & lead, an alert mind - good ability in every way, sweet, friendly ways when not tired" on Ruth Ann's December 20, 1946 Elementary Pupil's Home Report.  Miss Brink also writes an article for the March Issue of the Instructor, a teacher's magazine, titled "We Keep Our Toys Mended", which is includes a photograph of Ruth Ann mending the wheel on one of their toys.
1941 Ruth Ann Jamnick was one of the "Beyer Babies" born at Beyer Memorial Hospital in Ypsilanti to parents George F. Richards and Ruth Ella (Riggs) Richards.  She grew up in Ypsilanti as the second oldest of George and Ruth's 4 daughters: Rosemarie,  Ruth Ann, Gerry, and Peggie.

Favorite Activities

  • Spending Time with Children & Grandchildren
  • Walking
  • Reading Biographies
  • Watching Old Movies
  • Taking a Cruise in her Red Mustang


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