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Dear Ypsilanti Township Voter,


            Thank you for the opportunity to serve in a leadership role in our community for the past 32 years.  I believe that I have a proven record of serving the residents in Ypsilanti Township.  I ask you to make an informed decision when you vote during this election.  Ask questions.  Examine the campaign literature sent or delivered to your home carefully.  Be skeptical about claims that others are making about my position on issues.  Vote based on what I have done not based on what my opponent would like you to believe that I will do in the future. 


            My plans for our future are the same as they have always been, to insure the stability and economic future of Ypsilanti Township in ways that allow our community to be a leader in local and state issues while sustaining the ingredients that make our township a great place to live, work, and play.


             I believe that the residents in Ypsilanti Township are intelligent voters who care about our community.  In the past when my opponents have sought to distribute misleading and inaccurate information, the voters in Ypsilanti Township rallied against scare tactics, misleading information, and abuses of power for self serving purposes.  The voters said no to propaganda.


I ask that our community rally again. 


      Expect that your township officials be at work on the job every day working for you rather than out campaigning during the work day for their own self serving purpose.


      Expect candidates to focus on what they have done and plan to do rather than allowing candidates to distract you with scare tactics and out right lies.


      Expect your current township officials to perform their duties with the utmost integrity.


      Be skeptical of anyone who claims to know and present my position on an issue especially if the position that they share on my behalf is intended to incite fear or anger.  This is just dirty politics and dirty politics will not elevate and move our community forward, it will just drag us through the mud and create dissention and distraction from the real issues that we face on a daily basis.


I believe the voters who take the time to be informed and ask questions will find that I am the BEST candidate to lead our township.



Ruth Ann      

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