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Issues define and shape communities. 
Ruth Ann Jamnick's experience, knowledge, and willingness to listen make her a strong leader in not only understanding issues but in being a strong, consistent, intelligent voice advocating for the needs of Ypsilanti Township and the greater Ypsilanti area.
Ypsilanti Township will arrive in the future with or without planning and open and honest examination of challenges and solutions.  The community will continue to develop.  Ruth Ann believes that it takes not only elected leadership but also open and honest conversations with the members of our Township community to develop a cohesive plan that will prepare our Township to meet the needs of the approximately 73,000 residents that the Township is projected to have by 2035. 

Primary Election Tuesday, August 5th 2008
Re-Elect Ruth Ann Jamnick
Ypsilanti Township Supervisor

"The Best Woman for the Job is THIS Woman"

Issue Highlights
  • Budget Planning Beyond One Year at a Time
  • Supporting the Needs of Our Neighborhoods
  • Maintaining Fiscal Stability
  • Maintaining Quality Public Services - Police, Fire, Environmental Services, Parks and Recreation
  • Economic Development & Re Development of Commercial and Industrial Corridors
  • Linear Park Development - A Connected Path and Trail System
  • Coordinated Planning Beyond One Year for Road Maintenance and Improvements

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